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  2022 WA State Individual Health Plans Calculator  
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To learn what your 2022 Subsidy Amount is (Premium Discount) call our office for a quick calculation.
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  Benefit Summaries & Provider Lookup  
Refer to carrier benefit summaries for complete benefit details.  Family members can choose different carriers and plans.  Final rates are dependent
on ages of those enrolled as of January 1st.   Due to regulatory reasons, rates are the same regardless of agent or broker used.  Out-of-Pocket 
Maximum includes deductible, copays, coinsurance and prescription copays.
a Outside Exchange means enrollment is not through the exchange.  Because it's not on state exchange, there are no subsidy options.
b Kaiser does not cover on-the-job injuries.  This is important for those who are self-employed and have elected out of WA State L&I (workers comp) 
coverage particularly if you are in a trade such as construction, mechanic, installer, etc.
c Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) have no upfront benefits (except preventive care).  HSAs allow for tax deductible contributions into an HSA bank
account to be used for qualified medical, dental & vision expenses.  A smart way to buy health insurance.  See for details.
d To qualify for the Premera group plan must have an LLC or S-Corp & received W-2 (paycheck income) in previous year.  If 2+ employees then easier. 
No subsidy available on group plans (non-exchange).  Quoted rates are for an effective date in first quarter 2021 and fixed for 12 months. 
Usually best option if W-2 qualifications are met.  Minimal broker fees on group plans only with 1-4 employees.  Call for details.
  Call if Questions or for Assistance        425-821-1111 or 800-877-8019  
  How to Enroll:  Call Green Financial for Instructions on chosen plan  
  If exchange, there are several electronic pages to work through, set aside about 30 minutes or simply call our office to set up.
  >>>Please choose Green Financial from the broker field (no added cost).          
The premium cost is exactly the same whether or not a broker is chosen.  We will be able to assist with any plan chosen.
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