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Unlike short-term travel insurance, Cigna-Global is a longer term comprehensive solution that is geared towards individuals and families who will remain outside of their home country for at least 6 months.  There is no limitation on the length of the stay, contracts are typically 12 months.  The policy can be designed to meet the individual’s needs.

There are generally 5 types of customers this product could potentially work well for:

  1. A US citizen that will be living/traveling internationally
  2. A foreign citizen that will be living/traveling in the US
  3. A foreign citizen that will be living/traveling in another foreign country (non-US)
  4. A local national in the UK, Hong Kong, Cypress, Malta, Greece, Romania, or Singapore (for example, a UK citizen living in the UK or a citizen of Singapore that lives in Singapore)
  5. A senior citizen residing outside of their citizenship country…for example, a 65 year old living in the US but not eligible for Medicare (this product has no age limits)

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